For the second year in a row, in April, the “IES Mar de Alborán Science and Technology Festival” was celebrated in our school.

In this event, a large number of students and teachers participate and it was organized by the heads of the departments of Physics and Chemistry, Biology and Geology, Electronics and Computer Science and coordinated by the head of the IT department. Other departments such as English, French and Music have also worked in this event, and we have envolved some programs like “Aldea (focused on protecting the enviroment)”, “Escuela Espacio de Paz (focused on promoting positive values)”, “Coeducación (focused on gender equality)” and, of course, with our ICAROS Project.

In the ICAROS PROJECT’s stand the students involved in the project have answered all kinds of questions regarding the construction, configuration and flight of drone. Flight demonstrations have also been made and visitors have been able to test their skills by flying a drone on an obstacle circuit.


The Secondary School students have participated in a drawing competition where they have to show the advantages and disadvantages of the use of drone taking into account scientific and technical, health and rescue, social and cultural and ethical and so on.

During the closing ceremony of the festival, prizes were awarded to the winners

Drawings have been exhibited at the ICAROS PROJECT’s stand during this event.

Impact and dissemination of the II C & T Fair IES Mar de Alborán

Teachers and student participants
At about 150 students and 27 teachers from our school have participated In our Science and Technology Festival . During the previous weeks to the event, Teachers and students have been preparing their projects to show in the festival from different subjects such us Maths, Sciences, Electronics, Computer Sciences, French, English, Music, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.



One of thenmost important objectives of our Science and Technology Festival is to promote The Sciences among young people. As in the previous edition, we have invited all students and teachers from our High School and other Secondary Schools and Primary School from the town, which has been widely accepted.
We estimate that during the four days of the event they have passed through our stands 2000 students and 150 teachers.
Also, the Association of Parents has colaborated in the event.
In addition to this, the Education representative of the Town Hall has visited our Festival.
Eventually, our festival has been joined in its last day to the “Super Hero Party” organized by a group of teachers from IES Mar de Alborán and whose objective is to raise funds for the investigation of childhood cancer. This party was visited at about 1,500 people.

Dissemination in the local media

Estepona Television visited our Festival and they interviewed to our students and recorded a 30-minute program that you could see in the youTube social networking site.