Things to do in Athens

The original list of things to do before Athens (from the Overall Activity Plan)
• Testing and assessing various approaches to Thematic Learning based on the use of ICT educational tools
• Establishing ”Index Values” for Student/Teacher/School Leader in order to form basis to measure impact
• Research of legal and ethical considerations for Drone operation.
• Create local educational tasks/missions for Drone (Basic Tasking)
• ”Design” of Drone (ICAROS I) using STEM knowledge
• Pilot training
• Drone assembly and flight testing
• Dissemination activities

And what to do in Athens: • Follow-up of ICAROS I construction
• Review of Legal/Ethical framework
• Follow-up of Thematic Learning and innovative use of ICT tools/Entrepreneurial Learning
• Planning of Quadcopter Basic Tasking
• Coordinator´s meeting – Follow–up of Project Management Plan
• Partner activities, tasks and preparations ahead of the next project meeting