Teaching “Linear Regression” with data from ICAROS

In this activity students are introduced to the method of linear regression. In statistics, linear regression is an approach for modeling the relationship between a scalar dependent variable Y and one or more explanatory variables (or independent variables) denoted X. In this activity the X variable is the Throttle value, the Y variable is the speed of rotation of each motor.

Through this activity students learn the statistical method of linear regression and apply it using data they collect to characterize the motors of ICAROS.

Students collect data from the Flight Control Board and through telemetry sensors, they then analyze them and present their findings. For Naze32 FCB data can be accessed through the Baseflight-Configurator software. In particular as shown in Screenshot 1, they have to use the Motor Testing tab of Baseflight-Configurator, where they can set the throttle value for all motors simultaneously or one-by-one. They also need to set up two telemetry speed sensors (optical and magnetic) to record the RPM values which are then displayed on transmitter’s screen. They log their data in the attached paper worksheet, then they transfer them to a spreadsheet in Excel or OpenOffice for analysis

Here is the full description of this activity ICAROS_LinearRegression