Second day in Toulouse assembling the I.C.A.R.OS drone.



Today have had maby hardwe have started working directly when we arrived at the school, in the different workshops.

Workshop 1

Today workshop 1 did finish the frames of the drones.

Workshop 2

Today workshop 2 assembled the parts of the last three drones, they installed everything and put the motors on the frame. They also did a quality control.

Workshop 3

Today workshop 3 did mount the electronics in the box then mounted the box on the frame and afterwards mounted the arduino in the box.

Workshop 4

Today workshop 4 connected the electronics and calibrated the drone.


After that, one German class and one Spanish class were here and we showed them the workshops around, told them about the I.C.A.R.O.S.  Project and what we have done.


After the spanish and germans students left we went to try a flight simulator we made groups of 5 students to go and try it and take turns