Pilot & Sport

Coordinator name and email: Juan Carlos Moreno Pérez (jmorper037@maralboran.es)

Name of the teachers: Juan Carlos Moreno Pérez & Antonio Rodríguez Martínez.

Start/end date: 24/01/2017.

Number and age of students: 3º ESO, 2º DAW and 1º SMR Clases (student ages 13-25).

Description of activities

The scheduled activity consisted of performing flight practices with our practice drone and testing the landing gear printed with our 3D printer.

Students in addition to flying the drone will perform sport activities (tennis and padel).

The students have to evaluate the landing gear and make the necessary modifications for a better operation.

Learning outcomes

  • Playday in which the landing gear was tested.
  • Students will improve their ability to pilot drones.
    The students perform another complementary activity as a sport (tennis and padel).
  • The project is made known to the other students of the school community.
  • A greater involvement of the students participating in the ICAROS project is sought.

Photos or other relevant material