Learn to program


Title Learn to program
Start/End Date October – November 2017
Coordinator name and email Juan Carlos Moreno Pérez


Name of teachers 1
Number and age of students Medium Degree VET (over 16 years old).
Description of activities Lesson for teaching programming to our students. Level 1. Introduction to programming.

We have set an instruction set for ICAROS I and ICAROS II and a list of 30 exercises. Although the level is easy, students will work with complex instructions like “if” and loops like “while” and “for”.

No necesary of hardware or software required.

Learning outcomes Students will be able to understand a regular programming language like Java, JavaScript, PHP or other.
Photos or other relevant material

This is part of the instruction set of the drone ICAROS I.

In the former picture you can see the flying area.

The objective of the drone is to get into the area, do what you want to do and finally get out the flying area by the exit.