Introduction to drones

Coordinator name and email: Juan Carlos Moreno Pérez (

Name of the teachers: Juan Carlos Moreno Pérez.

Number and age of students: 1º SMR 1º DAW and 2º DAW Classes (student ages over 17).

Description of activities

Before the assembly of the dron we have been working with the students to know how multirotors work concretely the quadcopters.
Because a class is going to assemble the drone parts, a preparatory session has been held to learn how to weld in a safe and effective way.
We have prepared two activities: one theoretical and other more practical.

Learning outcomes

The students have learned how to weld in a practical and safe way and to know the welding materials.
Students have learned how multirotors fly and basic concepts such as pitch, yaw, rudder, gyroscope, ESC, etc.,
This knowledge will allow you to understand and handle the drones manuals and assembly procedure.

Photos or other relevant material

View of a slide of the presentation