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Project ICAROS (Interdisciplinary and Collaborative themAtic leaRning of technOlogy an Science) aims to promote transnational teacher professional development by the sharing of metodology, best practice, collaborative approaches and results. The partnership is composed of five European upper secondary/VET schools for students between 15 and 20 years old.

The ICAROS project is mainly aimed at enhancing educational practices that will lead to better motivated studenst with improved study-goal achievements, as well as preventing school drop-out due to low motivation. The assumption is that this can be done through thematic learning with an entrepreneurial learning approach, and student-led knowledge development through experimentation and real-world problem solving.

The project nominally centers on the design, development, testing and operation of small radio controlled Quadcopters, popularly known as “Drones”.

The project thus makes use of modern technology that captures the imagination of the students, as well as innovative tools/methods spanning over several disciplines, to demonstrate the real world applicability of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) – and other related and seemingly unrelated – school subjects.

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