Designing of ICAROS Website Mockups using the software Balsamic. The aim of this activity is to show the main structure of the ICAROS website to our partners at Kassel meeting. Students have to design the mockups of mobile, tablet and desktop versions of the ICAROS Website.

Spanish student of vocational education of website develop have made this activity. There were three groups of students. One of them had to make the mobile version, the second group had to design the tablet version and eventually, the last one created the desktop version of the ICAROS Project website.

The requirements of this activity were:

  • They have to use Balsamic software to do this activity.
  • They have to coordinate to each other to achieve a homogeneous design of the three versions (mobile, tablet, desktop).
  • The header of the website should have the logo on the left, the name of the project and the social icons.
  • The main menu have at least five items: home, about icaros, gallery, news, contact us.
  • The main part of the website should be organized in sections and articles.
  • There are a footer with additional information and Erasmus+Programme logotype.

Learning Outcomes

  • The aim of this activity is that students design mockups for a real website.
  • In addition to this, students learn how to work in groups to achieve a goal.