Bringing aviation in the high school classroom

A team of 20 students, as well as educators and pedagogical experts from Sweden, Spain, France, Germany and Greece meet together in Toulouse, France from February 11 to February 16 2018, in order to assemble 5 student-made drones, constructed in the framework of the EU-funded ICAROS project and test them during the ICAROS challenge, a collaborative competition of drone racing between teams of all countries of the project.

Students participating in the ICAROS challenge are provided with the opportunity to work and collaborate in an international environment, develop their technical, computing and scientific skills in an engaging, hands-on and minds-on fashion and as a result get inspired to further pursue their interest in STEM.

According to Maria, 16, a student from Ellinogermaniki Agogi, Greece participating in the ICAROS challenge:
“Students from different cultures and backgrounds are provided with a unique and exciting opportunity to get closer to each other due to their common interest and work in engineering and aviation”.
In terms of enhancing skills related to STEM, Markos, 17, a student from Ellinogermaniki Agogi, Greece states that:
“I have obtained vast technical knowledge while working on the assembly of the drone”, while Maria adds that:
” I have learned a great deal about computing and the steps that need to be followed to create a new product from scratch”.

The ICAROS challenge is going to take place on February 16 2018, in Lycée Saint-Exupéry, Toulouse, France.