Coordinator name and email: Juan Carlos Moreno Pérez (

Name of the teachers: Juan Carlos Moreno Pérez.

Start/end date: during the project.

Number and age of students: 1º SMR, 1º DAW, 2º DAW (student ages over 16).

Description of activities

Before the assembly of the drone we have been working with the students to know how multirotors work concretely the quadcopters.

Because a class is going to assemble the drone parts, a preparatory session has been held to learn how to weld in a safe and effective way.

We have prepared two activities, one more theoretical and other more practical.

Learning outcomes

  • The students have learned how to weld in a practical and safe way and to know the welding materials.
  • Students have learned how multirotors fly and basic concepts such as pitch, yaw, rudder, gyroscope, ESC, etc.
  • This knowledge will allow you to understand and handle the drones manuals and assembly procedure.

Photos or other relevant material

View of a slide of the presentation
View of a slide of the presentation

The whole presentation: