Agenda for the meeting in Sweden in October 2017

The partners will meet in Sweden in early October 2017.

A summarized agenda for the meeting is shown below:




3rd of October

Arrival of all partners to Västerås.

4th of October at Expectrum

Welcome and opening of the 3rd ICAROS project meeting, necessary documentation and other practicalities – Juan Bergdahl

Follow up of decisions made in Athens – Ulrika Wennerholm

Short status report from each team regarding activities carried out, 10 minutes each:

First generation ICAROS I constructed with documented processes from each partner

Testing and adjustments of the first generation quadcopter

Pilot training

An instruction film produced

Tasking carried out and planned

Trying new ways of integrating subjects – sharing

Trying students and teachers doing common lessons

Try out new teaching activity and documentation on template

Local activity plans up to date

First steering group meeting carried out

Guided tour to Robotdalen and Expectrum, 15 minutes for each visit in two interchanging groups

Evaluation – what has been done, and what is planned – Greek team

Visit to Wijkmanska gymnasiet

Student-to-student communication – where do we stand and how can we go forward? – Discussion led by Juan Carlos Vico


5th of October

Starting to look forward – how can we enhance the added value of sustainable solutions to the ICAROS II concept – in plenum discussion

Presentation of some thoughts around possible design concepts – French team

ICAROS II, possible design concepts – group discussions in mixed groups

Group presentation of ideas for possible design concepts

ICAROS II-Presentation of some thoughts around possible logistic solutions – German team

Discussion in plenum around the logistic framework for ICAROS II – discussion led by Christian Clermont

Follow up of dissemination activities – Ulrika Wennerholm


6th of October

Some thoughts on inclusive, collaborative thematic learning, and how it can be achieved – Juan Carlos Moreno Perez

Presentation of examples by each partner on how the thematic learning has been carried out, approach, possibilities and obstacles, 10 minutes per partner

In plenum discussion on how the thematic learning can be facilitated – possibilities and obstacles – led by Juan Bergdahl

Presentation of draft plan for the project meeting in Toulouse – French team

What to do in preparation for the meeting in Toulouse – and how can the partnership support the French team – Ulrika Wennerholm